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Spend Some ANCIENT EVENINGS Writing in a Psychic State with Ariana Reines

By Harriet Staff

Looks like Ron Silliman ain't the only one you can take a class with. This time it's physical. Actually it's psychic. Welcome to Ariana Reines' ANCIENT EVENINGS ("the name is stolen from a bad novel by norman mailer"). Every Friday from September 7, 2012, to "the close of the maya calendar," December 21, you can "read, eat, and drink together, and write in a psychic state," causing you to "produce some of the best writing of your life." More:

all participants will bring one piece of new writing on paper each week, to which i will respond with candor and sincerity, in writing, the following week.

anyone is invited to read what they have written, and discussion’s welcome. but the focus is on the psyche produced by us in space and the effects of the ancientness we ingest together. silence will be one medium among several with which we experiment.

readings from the origins of writing in egypt, sumer, and akkadia, myths and epics from archaic and classical greece, china, india, pre-columbian south america, and ethnopoetics of the world

to include the cannibal hymn, the egyptian book of the dead, gilgamesh, the vedas, the flight of quetzalcoatl, popol vuh, diagnostic omens, the book of changes, aesop’s fables, sappho, sutras from the buddhist and jain traditions, the pentateuch, the cloud messenger, world oral poetries, and more.

The prices! $333 for 5 Fridays, $555 for 10, $666 for 15. Hosted by Bulletin Board at 208 Bowery in NYC. Talk about some Good Fridays at a Public School...more here!

Originally Published: August 14th, 2012