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Ugly Duckling Presse is Having a Full Moon Sale!

By Harriet Staff

Talk about a sale! Check this out.

From the Ugly Duckling website:

In celebration of our sudden realization that we have a s**t-ton of books in print, we are offering this unique opportunity to acquire an extensive UDP library for less than $5 a book.

Get all of UDP’s in-print full-length books, including d-lux artist books & oversize editions, for $300, domestic shipping included.

Give gifts to 70 people and await reciprocation.
Go 50/50 with a friend.
Or hoard them all for yourself.

This special offer lasts only three days, from August 1 to August 3.

The following 65 titles are included:

1. Apart (Catherine Taylor)
2. Transfer Fat (Aase Berg)
3. On the Tracks of Wild Game (Tomaz Salamun)
4. Road of a Thousand Wonders (Jeffrey Joe Nelson)
5. Afterimage (Damon Krukowski)
6. Uselysses (Noel Black)
7. Slot (Jill Magi)
8. One Sleeps the Other Doesn’t (Jacqueline Waters)
9. The Hermit (Laura Solomon)
10. Cursivism (Will Hubbard)
11. neither wit nor gold (Ammiel Alcalay)
12. Applies to Oranges (Maureen Thorson)
13. And if You Don’t Go Crazy I’ll Meet You Here Tomorrow (Filip Marinovich)
14. The Return of the Native (Kate Colby)
15. Fire Wind (Yvan Yauri)
16. Gowanus Atropolis (Julian T. Brolaski)
17. 60 Textos (Sarah Riggs)
18. El Golpe Chileno (Julien Poirier)
19. This Time We Are Both (Clark Coolidge)
20. The History of Violets (Marosa di Giorgio)
21. Greensward (Cole Swensen)
22. Chinese Notebook (Demosthenes Agrafiotis)
23. Look Back, Look Ahead (Srecko Kosovel)
24. Geometries (Guillevic)
25. To Light Out (Karen Weiser)
26. Moving Blanket (Kostas Anagnopoulos)
27. Ten Walks / Two Talks (Jon Cotner & Andy Fitch)
28. G-Point Almanac: Passyunk Lost (Kevin Varrone)
29. Made-up Interviews With Imaginary Authors (Alex Stein)
30. What Do You Want (Marina Temkina)
31. Hello Failure (Kristen Kosmas)
32. Concertos (No Collective)
33. Malilenas (Garrett Kalleberg)
34. Escape From Combray (Rick Snyder)
35. Neighbor (Rachel Levitsky)
36. The Russian Version (Elena Fanailova)
37. A Plate of Chicken (Matthew Rohrer)
38. Notes on Conceptualisms (Vanessa Place & Robert Fitterman)
39. As it Turned Out (Dmitry Golynko)
40. The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza (Eugene Ostashevsky)
41. Poker (Tomaz Salamun)
42. Zero Readership (Filip Marinovich)
43. Dreaming Escape (Valentina Saracini)
44. Vertical Elegies (Sam Truitt)
45. Unbecoming Behavior (Kate Colby)
46. One of a Kind (Jack Micheline)
47. Sleep’s Powers (Jacqueline Risset)
48. Red Shifting (Aleksandr Skidan)
49. Complete Minimal Poems (Aram Saroyan)
50. A Different Practice (Fredrik Nyberg)
51. Blue and Red Things (Laura Solomon)
52. Ideals Clearance (Henry Parland)
53. Dear Body (Dan Machlin)
54. The Hot Garment of Love (Elizabeth Reddin)
55. The Drug of Art (Ivan Blatny)
56. Paper Children (Mariana Marin)
57. Carbon (Michael Ford)
58. The Final Nite (Steve Dalachinsky)
59. Best of My Love (Aaron Kiely)
60. After you, dearest language (Marisol Limon Martinez)
61. Iterature (Eugene Ostashevsky)
62. Chinese Sun (Arkadii Dragomoshchenko)
63. Selected Writings (Cedar Sigo)
64. Nets (Jen Bervin)
65. Bending Spoons (Charlie Foos)

Plus the following five artist books and oversize editions:

a. Dog Ear (Erica Baum)
b. Emergency Index 2011 (various)
c. 0 to 9 (Acconci/Mayer)
d. Classifications of a Spit Stain (Ellie Ga)
e. The Theory of Everything, Abridged (Ben Luzzato)

That’s less than five dollars per beautiful book! Go for it!

Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 by Harriet Staff.