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Dubai Chapter of Poeticians Holding a Book Launch

By Harriet Staff

From The National:

From humble but lyrical beginnings in a pokey pub in 2009, the Dubai chapter of The Poeticians has expanded into a diehard group defending the value of words. The poetry group meets in bars and pubs around town once a month, and offers an alternative night out to the city's multitude of loud, stuffy sports bars.

"Sometimes we've had events with 12 poets and eight audience members and it's still been a blast," says Hind Shoufani, who founded The Poeticians in Beirut in 2007 before moving to Dubai. "Then other times we've had 100 people in the audience, shouting people to keep it down. We're amateurs. We have fun and we say what we want to say."

On Saturday, The Poeticians will hold the Dubai launch of their first publication at Sublime Bar in Ibis World Trade Center hotel. "Everybody in the book has really tried to say something," Shoufani says. "The book is more about a community than it is words on a page; I hope it encapsulates a little of the energy of that community."

Then a little bit about the book:

Nowhere Near a Damn Rainbow is published by xanadu*, an independent book house in Lebanon started by the poet Zena El Khalil. The book features the work of 31 poets, all of whom have performed at The Poeticians' events in Beirut or Dubai. The abrasive title sets the tone for a collection that veers away from the decorous pleasantries too-often associated with poetry. "We don't do sonnets or poems about trees," says Shoufani. "It can be beautiful in the sense that it's very sensitive, but if the poems are too dreamy or spiritual, or even placid, then I tend not to accept [them].

"I think it would be very hard to define thematic connections among these poets because it's an open platform open to everybody with the capacity to express their ideas well. It's not for professional poets who write in classical forms."

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Originally Published: September 17th, 2012