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Julian Gough Converts Mitt Romney's Fundraising Speech Into Elegant Verse

By Harriet Staff

Irish writer and current Berliner Julian Gough has penned some verse for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, saying on his blog:

I was fascinated by Mitt Romney's honest and thoughtful words in the recent video filmed at a $50,000-a-plate dinner for his donors. And I was sad to hear him say yesterday that he thought he could have expressed himself in a more elegant way.

There is nothing more elegant than verse, and so I have taken the liberty of converting Mitt's thoughts into a poem. Feel free to set it to music; perhaps a simple, honest, country tune. (Now that I think about it, the last verse sounds like a chorus to me.) In fact do, what you like with it; I'm giving it as my gift to the world.

I know Mitt would disapprove of my failure to make a profit from this; but really, the glory lies in the thoughts he expressed, not in the way I have reworked them.

Read Gough's poetic reworkings, AKA "The Elegant President: A Poem for Mitt Romney," here.

Originally Published: September 20th, 2012