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'Poets tend to inhabit life’s extremes, living hard and loving harder': Five Poet Biopics We'll Probably Never See

By Harriet Staff

With The Sessions now in theaters, Christine Spines wrote this article at Word & Film. In it, she imagines five biopics centered on the life of a poet.

Of Anne Sexton, she writes:

A Courtney Love-like polarizing figure in the 1960’s poetry world, this Pulitzer-prizewinning confessional poet found her muse in her own mental illness. A contemporary of fellow depressive, Sylvia Plath, Sexton’s roiling angst bled into her work and life in equal measure. She courted controversy with her id-fueled explorations of masturbation, menstruation, abortion and adultery at a time when that kind of primal outpouring was considered obscene. Sexton’s anarchic spirit sent her spiraling in and out of mental institutions and into the center of a creative vanguard that included poetic luminaries like Maxine Kumin and into her own rock-jazz group with the aptly primitive name, “Her Kind.” Sextons demons ultimately won out, creating a toxic environment for her children and compelling her to commit suicide at age 45.

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Originally Published: October 22nd, 2012