Last week, we were starting to get our act together. As we perused this week’s frightening headlines, that all went down the toilet, along with several years of therapy. Hold tight to your chair and behold the horror. Feel free to freak out.

Books are being banned! People are reading banned books!

Books are taking on strange new forms!

A Hollywood celebrity is trying his hand at this poetry thing! (Presumably, he’s following the footsteps of his son.)

Hundreds of years from now, people may still be gossiping about that weird fling you had!

Poets tend to be emotionally unstable! And we may never get to see movies about some of them!

Poets are getting tattoos!

Poets are listening to ‘80s Sunset Strip hair bands!

Our privacy is being eroded! And so is our quietude!

We’re not sure if some poems are dead or alive! (And we’re afraid we’ll look stupid if we put a Schrodinger’s Cat reference here.)

Machines are taking over!

Queer Marxists are taking over!

We’re hungry!

Originally Published: October 26th, 2012