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"Writing while digesting a song.": Five Questions with CAConrad

By Harriet Staff

See this interview with CAConrad, in conversation with Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, over at The New Inquiry.

Here's a sample:

Does outer space hold any appeal, or does it strike you as a winsome opportunity to establish an Exxon fueling station?

It’s funny you should ask this. I’m writing to you from UCROSS, Wyoming at the UCROSS artist residency as part of The UCROSS Foundation. I was accepted because my proposal couldn’t have fit better this environment for outer space. The (Soma)tic exercise, or ritual I’ve been undergoing here is charting stars and creating my own constellations. The end goal is always the poems, so the mythologies I write from these new constellations are shaping into the series of poems for this project. The idea of outer space is being used through an outer space by way of inner, or internal space as well. In other words HOW molecular structures mimic the design of a greater pattern moving around us, and moving with us. The night writing is with the constellations, but the daylight writing is focused on water molecules absorbing sound, then consuming those molecules. I use fruit. And music. I place a piece of fruit on the floor with my laptop to play one track from Victoire’s CATHEDRAL CITY CD. I cover the fruit and laptop with a basket, then a blanket, then pillows, then towels, then a large comforter, all of this to keep the sound close to the fruit, the song played as loud as I can for the fruit to fully absorb the sound. Then I eat the fruit as quickly as I can to actually consume THE SONG before picking up my notebook to begin writing. Writing while digesting a song. Literally. This is outer space much as NASA’s recording of our solar system. We now have recordings of the sounds of our planets moving in their orbits. The sounds of wind striking the ice rings of Saturn, and an apple infused with music by Victoire is one way of realizing the continuum of song, of outer and inner space.

That's what we're talking about! And there's more. Here.

Originally Published: October 9th, 2012
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