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Gift Idea: The 2013 Hand-Bound Argos Poetry Calendar

By Harriet Staff

There's a poetry-press calendar in terms of lineup, and then there's the poetry-press calendar in terms of calendar. Just in time for season's greetings comes the 2013 Argos Poetry Calendar! Their 13-month hand-bound calendar features a poem per month, including January 2014. Featuring poems by Harryette Mullen, Eileen Myles, Cecilia Vicuña, Hoa Nguyen, Rob Halpern, Noel Black, Ana Božičević, Joy Katz, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Lee Ann Brown, Mónica de la Torre, Mark Bibbins and K. Silem Mohammad. Illustrations by Loie Hollowell. It won't set you back--pre-order here.

Check out the Argos catalog while you're at it.

Originally Published: November 26th, 2012