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Holy This Cannibale, Paris, 1920, Just Went Up on Ubuweb

By Harriet Staff


As our headline suggests! From Ubuweb, a new PDF of Francis Picabia's v. special Cannibale, which featured contributions from Picabia himself, Louis Aragon, Céline Arnauld, André Breton, Margueritte Buffet, Philippe Soupault, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Tristan Tzara, Jean Cocteau, Paul Dermée, Marcel Duchamp, Paul Éluard and others:

Francis Picabia published Cannibale between issues 12 and 13 (published in March and July 1920) of 391. It was an attempt to produce an international Dada journal reflecting all the tendencies of the movement. Its opposition to civilised conventionality and its spirit of provocation can be seen in this 'Portrait of Cézanne'; the 'Carnet du Docteur Aisen', written by Picabia, contains 'news' which have no relation to actual events. Elsewhere in the same issue Louis Aragon's poem 'Suicide' simply consists of the letters of the alphabet, and a reproduction of one of Duchamp's readymades - his 'Tzanck cheque', drawn on 'The Teeth's Loan and Trust Company, Consolidated, 2 Wall Street', with which he paid his dentist.

Download it here.

Originally Published: December 17th, 2012