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David Bromige Talk at Silliman’s Blog December 26, 2012: To help put 2012 behind us and usher in the new year, we’d like to point you to Ron Silliman’s blog where he has posted a talk by David Bromige called “Condition, Information & [...] by

Talking with Gina Myers of Lame House Press December 26, 2012: The folks over at Kill Your Darlings are thinking about chapbooks, and who better to talk to about the topic than Gina Myers. She’s been kicking out the chapbook goods for years with Lame House [...] by

Gawker’s 50 Least Important Writers December 26, 2012: Gawker’s serving up the news that doesn’t exactly stay news with this rip, not on Louise Glück (and that’s Glück with an umlaut to you) but on poetry—yes, all of it! Louise [...] by

RIP Dennis O’Driscoll December 26, 2012: We are sorry to hear of the passing of Dennis O’Driscoll yesterday. From RTE News of Ireland: The death has taken place of the poet, Dennis O’Driscoll. Mr O’Driscoll, who was [...] by

Sandra Simonds at Radio Free Albion December 26, 2012: Newly up on Radio Free Albion is this interview with poet Sandra Simonds. Set down your brimming glass of ‘nog and have a listen! by

Cheer Up—It’s Only the End of the World December 21, 2012: By the time you read this, the world may or may not have ended. There’s a good chance that things will simply continue on much as they were before (which is probably what makes apocalypse fantasies [...] by

Leland Hickman’s Poetry Study List to Harry E. Northup December 21, 2012: Here’s a hot tip courtesy of Ron Silliman—a poetry study list drawn up by Leland Hickman and passed off to Harry E. Northup. As Northup explains: “Shortly before Dec. 18, 1971, Lee [...] by

Contemporary best-sellers this week December 21, 2012: If the world was supposed to end today, no one let this week’s contemporary best sellers list know. The same titles are camped out in their familiar positions, including Mary Oliver’s A Thousand [...] by

‘sharp sniffs of snow in complex air’: Karen Garthe’s 12 or 20 December 21, 2012: Karen Garthe, author most recently of The Banjo Clock, answered Rob McLennan’s 12 or 20 questions over at his blog. Here’s a few of them. Make the jump for the rest: 4 – Where does [...] by

How Longfellow’s ‘Christmas Bells’ became ‘I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day’ December 21, 2012: Check out this HuffPo piece about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “Christmas Bells”, which became the popular carol “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.” A sample: [...] by