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Get Yourself to the Second-Annual Triple Canopy Making of Americans Marathon Reading This Weekend

By Harriet Staff


Triple Canopy is at it again! You might recall last year’s marathon reading of The Making of Americans that rung in TC’s new HQ in Greenpoint, Brooklyn–accompanied by live Twitter feed of the proceedings, it featured many, many poets, artists, and writers reading, reciting, and performing the entire Gertrude Stein novel out loud for hour upon hour…for 52ish hours.

Happily, it’s back! Attend your eyes and ears on the embodiment of this immeasurable text from January 18-20. The Making of Americans marathon is to be an annual event, cast out in the tradition of Paula Cooper Gallery hosting marathon readings of Stein’s novel around New Year’s Eve–from 1974 to 2000–with luminaries like Fluxus poet and artist Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, and John Cage, among many others. “Triple Canopy’s read-in revives and updates that tradition, marking the continuing, branching (if largely subliminal) course of Stein’s book through our culture.” More:

Triple Canopy is pleased to present its second annual marathon reading of Gertrude Stein’s enormously long and allegedly unreadable novel The Making of Americans: Being a History of a Family’s Progress. Over one weekend, an invited list of New York–based artists, writers, publishers, scholars, and other collaborators will gather in Greenpoint to perform the entirety of Stein’s text in a continuous read-in, expected to last 52 hours, more or less. Notable readers last year included Thomas Beard and Ed Halter of Light Industry, Macgregor Card, Joshua Cohen, Corina Copp, Jackie Sibblies Drury, Jim Fletcher, David Greenspan, Shelley Hirsch, Richard Kostelanetz, Zoe Leonard, Paul Legault, Rachel Levitsky, Sara Marcus, Joseph McElroy, Eileen Myles, Ariana Reines, Damion Searls, Kate Shepherd, Erin Shirreff, Amy Sillman, Zadie Smith, Lynne Tillman, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, and C. Spencer Yeh.

Gertrude Stein and The Making of Americans have been central to conversations between literature, art, and publishing for more than a century; and those histories and connections are, in turn, central to Triple Canopy’s publishing and programming in Greenpoint, online, and elsewhere. Stein composed The Making of Americans from 1903 to 1911, though it remained unpublished until 1925, in an edition of 500. The novel wasn’t reprinted in full until 1966, by Fluxus artist and poet Dick Higgins’s Something Else Press (New York), making the book available to a new generation of writers and artists.


The current edition of the novel, published by Dalkey Archive Press, will be available for borrowing or purchase throughout the read-in. Refreshments will be available and walk-ins are welcome.

Walk-ins welcome! Do it! And books from authors and artists participating will be sold as well, we hear. + Stumptown coffee to keep yer eyes shiny in the wee hours, duh. Full schedule of readers is now posted here. The details:

The Making of Americans
Annual marathon reading of Gertrude Stein’s classic novel

155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn, NY
January 18, 2013
7 p.m. Friday through 11 p.m Sunday, January 20, free and open to the public

Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.