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By Harriet Staff


We’re usually reporting on all the great new new poetry that’s dropped in our online archive. Today, we’re mixing it up a bit to mention we have three oldies but goodies by Thomas Love Peacock (giving some TLC to TLP (sorry, couldn’t resist)). We hope you dig this poem of unrequited love, “I Dug, Beneath the Cypress Shade,” or if you’re looking for a poem that can pose as a drinking song, try “Seamen Three.”

We were thrilled to see so many poetry discussions in the national spot light recently, thanks to Richard Blanco and his poem “One Today” read at the presidential inauguration. To read Blanco’s first attempt at an occasional poem, check out “Photo of a Man on Sunset Drive: 1914, 2008.” If it’s Américan poetry you crave, tune into his poem “América.”

While Richard Blanco was frantically writing for the inauguration, we were busy adding 6 poems by Lisa Robertson to the archive. If you’ve read any of her work, you know it’s EPIC, especially these ones from her book Debbie: An Epic: “Envoy” and “How to Judge.” We also love that she puts the “X” in “Eclogue” with “II [What is this tint that in the shrill cress].”

Hannah Gamble offered us an invitation to a modest breakfast, so we said “sure, come on into our online archive.” And then we added two more poems here and here.

Finally, we’ve add heaps and heaps of poems by one of the great poets of the Harlem Renaissance Melvin Tolson. Enjoy!

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Posted in Foundation News on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.