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Seth Oelbaum on AWP and ‘The Glut’

By Harriet Staff
The AWP 2010 Bookfair

The AWP 2010 Bookfair

If you need a mid-week dose of energy, head over to HTMLGiant, where Seth Oelbaum takes the AWP conference to task. But be prepared, when we say the post will give you some mid-week energy, we mean that you’ll probably find yourself enraged and/or occasionally nodding your head:

On their site, the AWP claims to be “the largest literary conference in North America.” But the AWP has little relation to literature. Only around one percent of the attendees make literature. There’s just a tiny fraction who formulate texts that are monstrous and divine – that, like those German boys, possess the grit and glamour to wage war on basically everyone on the globe. As for the rest – the 99 percent of AWP people – they are not poets and they are not composing literature. They are not concerned with epic Emily Bronte or moody Frank O’Hara. They are a product of typical middle class capitalism, or, as Karl Marx says, “the bourgeois.” According to Karl, the bourgeois live off others’ labor. They acquire value through accumulation. As the bourgeois stockpile products their worth increases. This renders them reliable upon the proletariat who must toil night and day with very little rest to keep up with the insatiable, indiscriminate bourgeois.

You’ll find the rest of the article at HTMLGiant. And don’t neglect the already lively comments.

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Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.