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The Rusty Toque

By Harriet Staff
Crash of the JunkmanJason McLean

Crash of the Junkman by Jason McLean (Featured in Issue 3 of The Rusty Toque

We’ve only recently discovered The Rusty Toque, but so far we’re enjoying what we see. Based in Canada, The Rusty Toque is an online magazine featuring interviews, visual art, fiction and–yes–poetry. Issue 3 features work by some of our favorite writers, like Jacob Wren and bill bissett, Robyn Read, and Ashley-Elizabeth Best.

These opening lines from Jacob Wren’s contribution, “One Is Frequently Misunderstood,” make a visit worthwhile:

Fundamental to the ontology of making art is the fact one is frequently
misunderstood. /// But how misunderstood should one allow oneself to be? ///
Comedy should not be mistaken for bitterness, yet mostly that is the well from
which it springs. /// If one is understood too much it might also feel like a

Check out the rest of this poem (including the proper line breaks) and a lot of other fabulous work in issue 3 of The Rusty Toque.

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Posted in Poetry News on Monday, February 11th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.