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Help Argos Books Publish j/j hastain’s Book of Poems And Collages

By Harriet Staff


Argos Books is looking for support to publish, Forensics of the Chamber, a hefty collection of poems and collages by j/j hastain. If all goes well, this book will be the second full-length publication from Argos, and they intend for this collection to be in color in order to do justice to hastain’s collages.

We love the many chapbooks and ephemera published by Argos, and appreciate their commitment to multi and trans-genre work. Given the quality of these publications, we anticipate that Forensics of the Chamber will be a gorgeous book full of gorgeous work.

You can read more about Forensics of the Chamber and the fundraising campaign at Rockethub.

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Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, March 28th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.