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The Believer Poetry Award Shortlist

By Harriet Staff


The Believer (no, not the Ryan Gosling movie that ne’er could, though we like him controversially pious) will announce the winner of their third-annual Believer Poetry Award in the next issue; for now, here’s the shortlist (that’s “five recent poetry collections they thought were the finest and most deserving of greater recognition”):

The Hartford Book
by Samuel Amadon (Cleveland State University Poetry Center)

Charms Against Lightning
by James Arthur (Copper Canyon Press)

Goat in the Snow
by Emily Pettit (Birds, LLC)

The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail
by Gregory Sherl (Mud Luscious Press)

Rough, and Savage
by Sun Yung Shin (Coffee House Press)

Read more about all o’ these titles here. Congrats all!

Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.