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CJ Martin and Julia Drescher Need Your Help

By Harriet Staff


Poets and publishers, CJ Martin and Julia Drescher, are two of many currently experiencing the aftershocks of last week’s tornado that ripped through Oklahoma and Texas.

Martin and his partner, Julia Drescher, are asking for your help as they assist CJ’s mom, who is uninsured and suffered life-threatening injuries as a result of the storm, and as they put together a memorial for CJ’s father and grandmother, who were killed in the storm.

Please consider sending your support to CJ Martin and Julia Drescher’s family via this link: Tornado victims’ family in need of your help.

From Small Press Traffic:

In addition to the general fund, a $5 benefit chapbook is in the works as a way to show support to CJ Martin and his partner Julia Drescher.For more information contact Ash Smith at eyelashleye@gmail.com.

If you are unfamiliar with CJ Martin and his partner Julia Drescher, they are both generous writers as well as crucial publishers of innovative literature. Their projects include Little Red Leaves and Textile Series.

CJ Martin is the author of Two Books (Compline, 2011), as well as four chapbooks: 1978 (Self-published, 2010); WIW?3: Hold me tight. Make me happy (Delete Press, 2009); Lo, Bittern (Atticus/Finch, 2008) and CITY (Vigilance Society, 2007). His essays and reviews have appeared in ON: Contemporary Practice and Jacket2. He lives in Austin and works at BookLab II, a fine press bindery. He’s currently on the masthead for Little Red Leaves & LRL e-editions. With Julia Drescher, he edited Dos Press, and will soon launch Further Other Book Works, an imprint to promote writing that straddles the plastic and typographic, with a focus on experimental writing out of Texas. He keeps a poetry tumblr called Rhyme Eats the Words.

Julia Drescher lives in Maxwell, TX, where she co-edits Dos Press with C.J. Martin. She’s also a contributing editor for Little Red Leaves. A chapbook, Mock Martyrs / Abound, is out from dancing girl press. Another chapbook is forthcoming from the Dusie Kollectiv. Other work may be found, or will be found, in the following: Cranky, WOMB, the tiny, goodfoot, The Colorado Review, zafusy, P-Queue, FOURSQUARE, & Broke (w/CJ Martin).

For more information about how to help CJ and Julia, go here.

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Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 by Harriet Staff.