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Random for Onedit: Reading Deanna Ferguson's 'Edith & Enid'

By Harriet Staff


We're having a grand-ole time ransacking ("'Co-mates (co-mates?)") the wonderful early (early?) online journal onedit, now-defunct (defunct?), sadly. Anyhow, our time is grand ole ESPECIALLY for the existence of "Edith & Enid," by Vancouver poet Deanna Ferguson. Here's some but not all, and don't stop reading when you jump here. Editor Tim Atkins, do this again? We mean, issue 6 alone counts Clark Coolidge, Andrea Brady, Sean Bonney, Ferguson, Merrill Gilfillan, Kent Johnson, Tom Raworth and...Raymond Queneau, so, obviously this is the best thing going (taste is everything, right, didn't Duchamp say that?), and it's over.

An excerpt from Ferguson's:


way way way over there lies a pathless road

with jaws out thrust (jaws?) pull up your rig on the rocks

wherever masses shiver and dodos are

on and off sailing off the cuffs

duly dutied to pawn the prophet's prime commune

and sullen night holds fast the clouded moon

and warm trembling beneath his flesh

and bent straining sweeps roar around a sea

so long, all me, my other, comforter


Read the whole poem. And not a BAD LINKS PAGE EITHER. More on Ferguson here, if you're new to this one.

Originally Published: May 23rd, 2013