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Tan Lin and Brian Teare Tear Up The Dance Floor at The Volta

By Harriet Staff


How else could we find out the really cool details about poets that we love, like, that Tan Lin writes in his office about disco, if it weren't for The Volta's Take Down the Clouds:

1. Where are you now?

in my office, which is also a closet, in NYC.

2. What are you working on and what have you got coming out?

I am finishing an index to the photographic work of Diana Kingsley and an article on Warhol’s connections to second order cybernetics theory and disco. Convolution is publishing the former and Criticism the latter, for a special issue on Warhol edited by Jonathan Flatley and Anthony Grudin.

3. Where do you write?

in my office

Or that Brian Teare rides a trolley and gets acupuncture:

3. Where do you write?

Between sweeping the floor and writing emails and binding books. In the archive. After meditating. On foot. While reading a book. At my desk. Very late at night. In the woods. After acupuncture. On a bench in the art museum. During insomnia. In the one tolerable café. While roasting potatoes. On the trolley. After a long walk. In the big black chair.

Enjoying unlocking mysteries of the universe here.