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The Summit Is Coming! The Summit Is Coming!

By Harriet Staff

The East Bay Poetry Summit is almost here!

The East Bay Poetry Summit begins this weekend in Berkeley! (Thanks, in part, to generous donations to its successful Indiegogo campaign.) The summit will draw poets from across the U.S. to Oakland and Berkeley, to give poetry readings at several of the East Bay’s thriving house reading serieses.

The first reading of the East Bay Poetry Summit will take place on Friday, May 24th at 7 p.m. at 2127 Blake Street, with readings by Uyen Hua, Douglas Rothschild, Melissa Buzzeo, Jen Hofer, and David Wolach. Like the most patriotic of Memorial Day events, the summit will include readings, karaoke, and a good ol’ fashioned bbq.

As usual, Dodie Bellamy says it best!

With the plummeting of arts funding and the general disappearance of public space, salon-style events (“house readings”) are taken very seriously in the Bay Area; performing at one can garner more kudos than at a public venue. House readings frequently take place on the weekend and are just as devoted to partying as to poetizing. When the reading begins the party slams to a halt and attention is rapt.

The atmosphere may be casual—those not lucky enough to snag a seat on a couch are crammed together on the floor, some are sprawled across a mattress that somebody—who knows who—actually sleeps on, but this audience knows poetry, and they listen with razorlike precision. At such readings, whether I’m performer or audience, I feel like a beat in a larger matrix of communal creativity.

For more information about the summit, visit its Facebook page.

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Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 by Harriet Staff.