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Inside Coach House Press

By Harriet Staff


Here’s an enchanting article to read while sipping that Tuesday a.m. brew: Toronto’s Globe and Mail brings us this inside scoop on Toronto’s-own small-press publisher, Coach House Press.

I’d first wanted to photograph Coach House Press back in 2004, when word was out that the building they occupied on bpNichol Lane might soon be torn down. The landlord from whom they were renting wanted to expand its properties, and the coach house was in an ideal spot. Nothing came of this, and it eventually fell off my radar. In 2009, owner Stan Bevington (the sole proprietor of Coach House Press and Coach House Books) purchased the buildings, and Coach House Press, the company he started in 1965 with a Challenge Gordon platen press, would live on as a part of Toronto’s literary and cultural fabric.

The printing process has held sway over me since my first internship in London, Ont., at the Free Press. During the interns’ tour of the building, we made our way to the presses located in the same building, a luxury few papers have today. What I experienced immediately told me I had found my path in life. The press room was a cacophony of machinery, paper and voices. It was loud. I could feel the rumble of the monolithic, five-century-old process through my feet and bones. It was invigorating. Coach House Press, while a much smaller operation, held the same wonder for me when I went to photograph it.

Get down with Coach House (and your Tuesday morning self!) at The Globe and Mail!

Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.