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Joshua Clover on Poetry and Revolution

By Harriet Staff

It's here! It's real!

It's *this* Global Voices for Justice interview with poet and scholar, Joshua Clover, brought to our attention by A Fiery Flying Roule.

We're linking to Part 2, which is centered around the subject of culture, but Part 1 looks pretty delicious too: that half of the interview is centered around the subject of philosophy.

When asked about his poetic practice and its relationship to the Occupy Movement, Clover explains: "I am still a practicing poet, somewhat ambiguously, but my real ambition is to see what poetry will look like, when we're able to think about poetry and make it from a position outside of capitalism." Clover goes on to say:

I take an almost mystical satisfaction from poetry's strangeness and it's strange beauty and that satisfaction is important to me and I want to preserve it. But, I don't think that poetry is a satisfactory revolutionary force. The thing that I've been saying for several years now is, listen, it's a good time for poets to get out in the streets and struggle and it will make their poetry better... don't figure out what kind of poetry you can write to make the world better, get out into the streets and struggle and your poetry will change for it.

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