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Flavorwire’s Guerrilla Poetry Brigade

By Harriet Staff


Here’s a great one, courtesy of Flavorwire: “10 Guerrilla Poetry Projects.”

Let’s first take a look at Emily P. Lawsin’s project, a spoken word performance honoring murdered Chinese-American Vincent Chin. (She’s the power-house who we pictured above.)

University of Michigan professor Emily P. Lawsin, specializing in Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies, has been a spoken word performance poet since 1990. Her passionate guerilla performance on a sidewalk in Detroit’s abandoned Chinatown remembered murdered Chinese-American Vincent Chin.

There’s even this one, from Anna Garforth, a visual artist based in London:

London-based artist Anna Garforth is inspired by guerrilla gardening groups, which is why she transformed excerpts from several Eleanor Stevens poems into mossy wall text. The green words are attached with organic materials. Garforth creates the work with the hopes that the letters will grow and spread across the wall in time.

And wouldn’t you know, the spotlight shines on a few poets who are no strangers to Harriet:

Philadelphia’s Poet Activist Community Extension (PACE) — which includes participation from co-founders CA Conrad and Frank Sherlock.

Portland’s Agit-Truth Collective — works can be explored in Landscapes Of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space.

PIPA (Poetry is Public Art) — including Brooklyn-based poet Kristin Prevallet, whose signs and slogans were “conceptual confrontations with the form/content rift that occurred during the Bush II years.” Read more about the work in Shadow Evidence Intelligence

Read Flavorwire’s complete coverage here!

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Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.