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Let’s Go To Boise, Idaho!

By Harriet Staff

Idaho-native, Jeff Boruszak posted a fine portfolio of poetry from the Boise State University MFA Reading Series as a note on PennSound this week. The PennSound note’s also featured on Jacket2.

The portfolio is a showcase of poetry from the city of Boise, Idaho and it includes recordings of readings by Sandra Doller, Susan Schultz, Charles Bernstein, Jennifer Moxley, Forrest Gander, Michael Palmer, Tom Raworth, Martin Corless-Smith, and Janet Holmes.

In his note, Boruszak writes:

Rather than highlight a specific poem, poet, reading, or series this week, I want to showcase a city. And this isn’t just any city. This is Boise, Idaho — my hometown. Mentioning the city elicits many of the same questions and reactions, so let’s get those out of the way right now. Yes, there are potatoes, but no, we don’t eat them all of the time. The city is actually in the West, not the Midwest (Boise is further west than Las Vegas, and you probably mixed it up with Iowa). And yes, Boise State University has the blue turf, and we all saw the 2007 Fiesta Bowl game. The one question I never get asked, however, is “How is the poetry in Boise?” It’s a shame that I never get to answer this question too, because there is a strong and vibrant poetry community in Boise, with BSU as its center.

Learn a little bit more about Boise, Idaho than what you already might know at Jacket2.

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Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 by Harriet Staff.