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New Poetry Collection for Children of All Ages

By Harriet Staff


Want to introduce your favorite little ones to poetry? A new poetry collection for children, edited by Dana Teen Lomax, is out that has caught our attention and the attention of a few other websites. Kindergarde: Avant-Garde Poems, Plays, Stories, and Songs features avant-garde writers from across the country who submitted work especially for children.

According to a Kirkus review the book captures various moods and cultures:

Poet and mother Lomax assembled these avant-garde writings from contributors around the country as a showcase for their talents and to encourage children to literally take their own pencils outside proscribed boundaries. The short stories, playlets, concrete poetry and wordplay are all free-flowing and decidedly nontraditional. Their sentiments are sometimes warm and tender, sometimes humorous and sometimes weird. The more than 80 contributors include those remembering moments from their Mexican-American, Indian, Danish and Iraqi childhoods and heritages. Roald Dahl, Nietzsche and the Bible are sources of inspiration for others.

And Rain Taxi says that the anthology is fun and informative enough for poetry fans of all ages to enjoy:

With over eighty contributors ranging from seven years old to poets no longer with us, this collection of playful works and wide-ranging styles of play on language certainly earns the “most fun anthology to read” award ... Because it contains some of the most active and interesting poets writing today, it also serves as an engaging anthology for writers, especially those who like to play with language in the vein of the Surrealists and Dadaists.

Poetry for the young or young at heart.