Poetry News

Poetic Research Bureau's Intriguing Recovery Project

By Harriet Staff

John Wieners

L.A.'s Poetic Research Bureau got a wild recovery hair and is now "featur[ing] readings from lost canons, 'de-selected' and 'un-collected' authors, and those who've otherwise fallen out of the peculiar taxonomies of literary certainty." It's called the "Burnt Norton Project," and is open to contributions. So far, you can watch Andrew Maxwell reading John Wieners (included below), and for which we luckily have the text of the poems he reads in our online archive: "A Poem for the Old Man" and "The Acts of Youth." Maxwell also reads John Godfrey and David Shapiro.

Help 'em out! You can submit your own recoveries to directors at poeticresearch dot com. We've already got some ideas.