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And You Thought Writer’s Block Was Bad

By Harriet Staff


Courtesy of The Appendix, we present this image of Venus in her chariot. Sourced from “a 14th century illuminated edition of the ‘Roman de la Rose,’ a French allegorical dream-poem,” Venus is on her way to do battle with chastity.

According to The Appendix, in the poem’s coda, “a personification of Genius castigates those ‘who do not write’ and hopes that they ‘suffer the loss of their scrotums.”

The complete digitized text of this illuminated edition of “Roman de la Rose” is available to read online, courtesy of Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, here.

Read more from the clever historians at The Appendix, here.

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Posted in Poetry News on Friday, August 16th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.