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BBC Radio 4 on the Poetry of San Francisco

By Harriet Staff

City Lights

Run, do not walk! over to the BBC to listen to the fantastic episode "Poetry of Gold and Angels" from Radio 4. There are only 3 days left to give it a listen (hence our imperative to run). A little about the episode:

San Francisco is a place where a thousand stories meet - a port city where many cultures and races mix, the birthplace of counterculture and political ideologies, and now home to the high-tech revolution. Kim Shuck, poet, educator and weaver was born in the city and has Tsalagi, Sauk and Fox and Polish ancester's. She takes us on a tour of her San Francisco including North Beach and China Town and discusses how poets have been inspired by the city. We hear so much about The Beat poets in San Francisco, but the city's poetry scene is so much more than the Beats. This is a chance to hear some of the other poems coming out of the city.

During the programme we talk to poets such as Devorah Major who was Poet Laureate of San Francisco and who takes us to Marcus Books, the oldest Black book shop in America. We also hear from Jack Hirschman, part of the Beat generation and social activist, about how music and jazz have influenced the city's poetic voice. Other poets in the programme include Genny Lim, David Brazil, Micah Ballard and David Buuck.

Go now!