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Cassandra Gillig Just Won Poetry: Listen to Drake Feat. Frank O'Hara

By Harriet Staff

Cassandra Gillig

"If you're interested, I just won poetry," wrote Cassandra Gillig on Facebook yesterday, referencing her amazing mashup of Frank O'Hara and Drake ("Drake feat. Frank O'Hara: Ode to the Best I Ever Had"). Listen to it.

She's making an album of these, so we hear. So far on her self-described "Dumb Poetry Blog:" Alice Notley and Justin Timberlake. Beyonce and Hannah Weiner. Gillig writes:

I don’t want the “mash-ups” I’m posting to be seen as even remotely irreverent. I think that pop music has a way of capturing our emotions in their most palatable form & placing pop songs behind poems can guide us incorrectly or correctly but I’m hoping I’m going in a correct direction. Beyond that, I think the musicality of these poets is often ignored & we so often forget that poetry can exist beyond the page. Hmmm.

Agreed--keep on it!

Originally Published: August 29th, 2013
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