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Dodie Bellamy's Cunt Norton Now Available TODAY ONLY at 20% Discount

By Harriet Staff

cunt norton

A one-handed read for you right here (no not THAT kind, gosh): Now, with your other (what are you doing, eating cheerios with blueberries? mousing?), type this coupon code (CN20) into the Les Figues Press site so that your mailbox may soon be graced with Dodie Bellamy's Cunt Norton. That's 20% off cover price! The book isn't even officially out until October! You're welcome. More about this present to us all (for today only--that's August 27, 2013, so don't read this from the future):

In Cunt Norton, the sequel to her unforgettable Cunt Ups, Dodie Bellamy “cunts” The Norton Anthology of Poetry (1975 edition), setting her text-ravenous cut-ups loose to devour the canonical voices of English literature. The texts that emerge from this sexual-linguistic encounter are monstrous, beautiful, unashamed: 33 erotic love poems (“the greatest fuck poem in the English language,” according to Ariana Reines) that lust after the very aesthetic they resist. “These patriarchal voices that threatened to erase me—of course I love them as well,” Bellamy writes. Even as Cunt Norton dismembers the history of English poetry, “cunting” Chaucer and Shakespeare, Emerson and Lowell, it simultaneously allows new members to arise and fill in the gaps, transforming the secret into the explicit, the classically beautiful into the wonderfully grotesque. Bellamy’s cunted texts breathe life into literary "masters" with joy, honesty, hilarity, and insatiable passion.

This title in the TrenchArt: Logistics series includes an introduction by Ariana Reines and cover art by Alice Könitz.

Originally Published: August 27th, 2013