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Help Bernadette Mayer & Philip Good Find the Helens of Troy, MO

By Harriet Staff


New project to get behind: Philip Good plans to find all those named Helen in Troy, MO, after working with Bernadette Mayer on a similar project in Troy, NY--which eventually made it to book form in The Helens of Troy (New Directions 2013) ("An ambitious, playful look at identity, myth, and history"). The two plan to interview and photograph each Helen of Troy, and need your help:


After helping Bernadette Mayer work on her project, THE HELENS OF TROY, NY, I decided that we needed to continue the project by visiting TROY, MO. We will interview and photograph all the Helens of Troy, Missouri I can find. Poems will be written based of these interviews and a short section of the history of the city with photographs will conclude the book. Homer would glory in telling the story of Troy, Missouri.

What We Need & What You Get

We need funding to pay for transportation and lodging. We will need to pay for advertising in the local papers to help find the Helens. We will offer a small payment to each Helen we interview.
Contributors will receive the satisfaction of helping poets to continue their important work!
All funds collected will go towards helping this project.

The Impact

With a grant from Creative Capital, Bernadette Mayer was able to create and publish her HELENS OF TROY, NY. With your help, we will be able to continue the project by visiting the other cities named Troy in the U.S. We hope to succeed in this task by conquering Troy, Missouri. This will only be possible with the support of people like you.

Visit Good and Mayer's Indiegogo page to donate your bronze.

Image above by one of our favorite photographers, Madame Yevonde: Mrs. Charles Sweeny (Margaret, Duchess of Argyll) as Helen of Troy.

Originally Published: August 12th, 2013