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Poet, Is Thy Desktop A Horror?

By Harriet Staff


If what used to excite you does not and the collective icons of those saved MS Word drafts use up all your attention's allowances, check out this great list courtesy of Mashable: "20 Minimalist Backgrounds for a Simpler Desktop." Remarkably, it's pretty thrilling.

The list collects a few samples from Simple Desktops: an expansive database of images designed to be suitable for every bumblebee's busy on-screen workstation. A handful are sourced from individual artists's sites and from an additional database called deviantART.

(Our favorites are this image of a rainbow called "Vivid"-- pictured above-- sourced from deviantART, "Solar System," which Mashable sourced from the collection at Simple Desktops, and "Charlie's Shirt," which features an adorable digital rendition of Charlie Brown's t-shirt's jagged line pattern-- also from Simple Desktops.)

Allergic to desktop clutter? Minimalism is the cure.

These 20 hand-selected illustrations will breathe some fresh color and life into your workflow, and will provide a clean space on which to pile your projects until you sweep them into the "done" folder.

Start your week off nice and tidy at Mashable.

Originally Published: August 26th, 2013