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The Dickinson Pick-Up Guide

By Harriet Staff


A Columbia Univesity MFA student recently posted a hilarious list on The Hairpin called, “Opening Lines of Emily Dickinson Poems Not to Be Used as Pickup Lines.” The list includes some charmers like:

144 – I never hear the word “Escape”

185 – A wife at daybreak I shall be

303 – Alone I cannot be

311 – I know some lonely houses off the road

339 – I like a look of agony

315 – To die – takes just a little while –

456 – A prison gets to be a friend

524 – It feels a shame to be alive

541 – The test of love is death

1335 – Floss won’t save you from an abyss

Read the full list here and proceed with caution.

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Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 by Harriet Staff.