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Alain Badiou to Write Hollywood Movie With Brad Pitt Playing Plato?!

By Harriet Staff


In totally bizarre news: Alain Badiou goes to Hollywood? With Brad Pitt as Plato, and Sean Connery his Socrates? From Critical Theory, which took the trouble to Google Translate from Jean Perrier’s article at Vanity Fair France:

Incredible but true: Alain Badiou wants to invade Hollywood! More precisely, the communist philosopher is writing the script for a film to its production by U.S. studios. Title: The Life of Plato. The cast: Brad Pitt Plato at different ages. For Mrs. Plato, Meryl Streep. And Socrates, the master of Plato, Sean Connery. Here the cast dreamed thinker of Being and Event. Quite honestly, at first, we thought it was a schoolboy joke post-situ diversion ultimate quest … But Alain Badiou, this is serious. He wants, in his own words, “bring Plato, emblem of universal wisdom in the contemporary temple commercial images, the propaganda machine of American life, the capital of the capitalist corruption Hollywood!

And while this seemed to be too awesome to be true, a little due diligence (Google) found that Badiou has referenced his plans for a Plato blockbuster featuring Brad Pitt as far back as 2009 . . . .

Don’t get too excited though. Badiou has yet to actually write the English script, which he plans to do this summer. And actually making the movie? According to Perrier, Badiou is in contact with “friends in Los Angeles, in conjunction with producers.”

I don’t want to be overly skeptical, but unless Joseph McCarthy was right and Hollywood really is full of pinko-Commies (who also read French theory), I’m pretty sure the Hollywood talent needed to secure Brad Pitt does not care about Alain Badiou’s silver screen machinations. We can still dream.

Image courtesy of Vanity Fair France.

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Posted in Poetry News on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.