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Rare TV Interview With Anna Mendelssohn at Christie Books

By Harriet Staff

anna mandelssohn

We're so glad this exists, especially for the 1970s cartoon bombs and dramatic reenactments. You'll have to scroll down and click "Angry Brigade - 1972 (World in Action)," and upon doing so, will find a rare TV interview with UK poet Anna Mendelssohn (1948-2009), AKA Grace Lake, whose book Implacable Art is one of the best things that's happened. You can read more about Mendelssohn from Sean Bonney in The Poetry Project Newsletter (#226 February/March 2011). "How would you describe your politics?" "Revolutionary."

For fun: Also check out the video of "Angry Women" throwing smoke bombs at a sexist Bob Hope during the 1970 Miss World Competition. Aaaaaaand there's a ton more there as well, our goodness. Goldmine. Happy Monday!

Originally Published: September 23rd, 2013