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Creeley Broadside from Cuneiform Press? Yes, Please!

By Harriet Staff

Ed Dorn

We’ve been stoked by the Creeley / Dorn connection this month, what with the portfolio of Creeley letters in this month’s issue of Poetry. So we were thrilled to see the good folks at Cuneiform Press offering super-discounted broadsides of a Creeley poem “Oh, Do You Remember,” which was written for Ed Dorn. From the CP site:

For just 48 hours we’ll be selling these signed, letterpress printed broadsides by Robert Creeley titled ‘Oh, Do You Remember’ written for his poet and pal Ed Dorn for just ten bucks. If you prefer one color to another, please specify. Typeset in Albion and printed on handcrafted Farbriano paper from Italy an edition of 200 by Kyle Schlesinger in August, 2004 with photograph by Gordon Clark in Santa Fe 1961 courtesy of Jennifer Dunbar Dorn.

Today is your last day to pick one up. Go!

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Posted in Poetry News on Friday, October 25th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.