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For Poems with Truly Inventive Spirit: First Annual Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award

By Harriet Staff


Fourteen Hills presents the first annual Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award, guest judged this year by Chet Wiener! From Chet Wiener and Fourteen Hills

Fourteen Hills is proud to announce the inaugural Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award. Guest judge is poet Chet Wiener. The winning poet will receive $500 and publication in the Spring 2014 issue of Fourteen Hills. There is no submission fee. Poems not chosen for the award will be considered for publication in Fourteen Hills.

Stacy Doris was an Associate Professor in San Francisco State University’s Creative Writing Department, where she taught for ten years. Her work as a translator and a poet is widely recognized, and her most recent posthumous collection, Fledge: A Phenomenology of Spirit, which poet Maxine Chernoff has referred to as “a miracle of attentiveness,” is available from Nightboat Books.

Her other books include Paramour (Krupskaya, 2000), The Cake Part, Knot (University of Georgia Press, 2006), Cheerleader’s Guide to the World: Council Book (Roof Books, 2006), Conference (Potes & Poets, 2001), Une Année à New York avec Chester (P.O.L., 2000), La vie de Chester Steven Wiener ecrite par sa femme (P.O.L., 1998), and Kildare (Segue Foundation, 1994).

She was also a translator, known for her work with contemporary French poetry. She co-edited two anthologies, Twenty One New (to North America) French Writers (Raddle Moon, 1997) and Violence of the White Page (with Emmanuel Hocquard, Tyuonyi, 1991).

Doris was always creating new worlds with her unexpected poetics. Following upon that spirit of creative invention and inventive creation; engaging wit and ingenious playfulness; discovery in construction; and radical appropriations based on classical forms, pastiche, and love: the Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award will be given for a poem with a truly inventive spirit.

Additional Requirements:
Submission deadline: January 1, 2014
Submissions only accepted via Submittable
No minimum length; maximum 10 pages
Maximum 1 poem per author
Students currently enrolled at San Francisco State University are inelligible
Any poetry submitted for the award will also be considered for publication in Fourteen Hills

Get on up with your awesome and inventive self! Let’s keep honoring Stacy Doris’s legacy of “ingenious playfulness” and discovery with this invitation to explore new poetics—brought to you by the Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award and the all and every of the lovely and creative inventions of Fourteen Hills!

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Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.