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McSweeney’s Death Youth, or The Leaks to Be Staged This Monday

By Harriet Staff


Bright and early this morning on Montevidayo, the inimitable Joyelle McSweeney posted a notice altering us to a staging of her play Death Youth, or The Leaks, which recently won the Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Playwrights. Here’s the low-down:

As I’ve been transmitting through the ectoplasm, my play, “Dead Youth, or, The Leaks” is being given a staged reading by Fiona Templeton’s performance group, The Relationship, this Monday, Oct 14, at 6:30, at the New Ohio Theatre in the Village. I would love for people to come out, because the event is intended to memorialize Leslie Scalapino, of whose stage-works Templeton is the major interpreter. Of course I am incredibly grateful to Fiona Templeton, E. Tracy Grinnell, and Caroline Bergvall for selecting my work for this prize in honor of Leslie Scalapino, and I also feel like a sister-in-arms with the army of 400 women who wrote plays to memorialize Leslie.

I’ve described my play’s relationship to Leslie Scalapino’s body of work, here, but I thought I would include an excerpt from the play to give you some flavor of what’s in store on Monday.

Head over to Montevidayo for the excerpt. And if you’re in NY—GO!!

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Posted in Poetry News on Friday, October 11th, 2013 by Harriet Staff.