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Poets & Writers Spotlights PDF Publishers: New Heave-Ho, H_NGM_N, Duration Press, and Publishing Genius

By Harriet Staff


The current issue of Poets & Writers spotlights Noel Black, Anna Moschovakis, Nate Pritts, and Adam Robinson’s efforts to make poetry more accessible to everyone online, via PDF publishing techniques.

This past summer Noel Black founded his new press, the New Heave-Ho, with a goal of publishing PDF-only poetry collections, available for free or for a small donation online. He launched it with a manifesto, developed with input from Anna Moschovakis, an editor at the Brooklyn, New York–based Ugly Duckling Presse, which published Black’s debut poetry collection, Uselysses, in 2011, and, at Black’s request, is now offering it at no cost in PDF format. […]

Moschovakis says her conversation with Black about the purpose and intent of freely distributing poetry was enlightening. “I learned a lot from his perspective,” she says, noting that Black, who lives in Colorado Springs, felt he had limited access to poetry because of his location. After releasing the PDF version of Uselysses this past July, Ugly Duckling launched an initiative to make PDF proofs of its other published books available for free, with each author’s permission, on its website.

A handful of presses, including Duration Press, H_NGM_N, and Publishing Genius, have made poetry chapbooks freely available in PDF format for several years, but a poetry press whose sole mission is to offer free PDFs is new territory. Black envisions a number of presses eventually joining forces to create an online digital library.

Read on at Poets & Writers.

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Posted in Poetry News on Monday, October 21st, 2013 by Harriet Staff.