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Smithsonian Puts Entire Duncan & Jess Collaborative Scrapbook Online

By Harriet Staff


Siglio Press--publisher of Jess's O! Tricky Cad & Other Jessoterica--reports that The Archives for American Art at the Smithsonian have put an entire Robert Duncan and Jess Collins collaborative artist book online. "Scrapbook for Patricia Jordan, 1959" includes a couple of pieces from O! Tricky Cad, but there's also much more--collages, line drawings, Nouveau gestures, poems, sketches, notes. From what we can tell in "A Peacock Tale," "All's in wonderland / when one's past the looking glass." Technical description:

19th century Victorian scrapbook. Loose page inserted inside front cover with engraved printed text: Presented as a token of affection.

On the blank lines provided there is a 19th century inscription from a Mrs. Fanny Brown, which has been mostly obliterated by the handwritten note: To Patty; R.D. & Jess, Sept. 15, 1959.

Book is filled with illustrated poems by Robert Duncan and mixed-media collages by Jess Collins, as well as a clipping of one of his "Tricky Cad" comic strips.

Also contains two full-color lithographs by Thos. Sinclair & Son, captioned "Home-made decorations" and "Window gardening", which appear to be original to the book.


Gorgeous! Lucky Patty Jordan (looks like she took this picture).

Forgive me if I wander a little this evening, for I have been all day employ'd in a very abstract Poem and I am in deep love with you two things which must excuse me.

Originally Published: November 19th, 2013