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Stockholm International Poetry Festival + Gurlesque? Yes Please!

By Harriet Staff


Our friend Johannes Göransson alerted us to this supremely excellent festival taking place in Sweden, the Stockholm International Poetry Festival. This year’s theme is Gurlesque. He translates the festival’s description as follows:

In the age of Pussy Riot, poets from around the planet are sharpening their pens against the media’s portrayal of women’s role in society. “Gurlesque” is a feminist movement in literature that expresses femininity and sugar-sweet cuteness as well as grotesqueries and violence. It is a maximalist aesthetic that mixes high and low culture, obscenity and artifice, kitsch and disgust. It blends strains of Riot Grrl and the harajuku, Disney flicks and splatter films, mixes HC Anderson with Sylvia Plath.

From the website’s English translation, a description of the festival:

Stockholm International Poetry Festival

Founded in 1997 and inau­gu­ra­ted by Tomas Tranströmer – reci­pi­ent of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2011 – the Stockholm International Poetry Festival is an annual event orga­ni­zed by 10TAL. The fes­ti­val is the single most recog­ni­zed poetry fes­ti­val in Scandinavia; it is a mee­ting point where inter­na­tio­nal poets are intro­du­ced to the Swedish audi­ence. With the Stockholm International Poetry Festival 10TAL pre­sents the most impor­tant, enga­ging and cre­a­tive poetry being writ­ten in the world today.

The Stockholm International Poetry Festival, hos­ted at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and at the Stockholm City Theatre, springs from a wish for poetry to take new sha­pes and direc­tions by giving it a sce­nic expres­sion. The fes­ti­val ser­ves as a mel­ting pot where the writ­ten word meets music, dance and per­for­mance, and cre­a­tes somet­hing new.

Hip-hip hurray!

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Posted in Poetry News on Friday, November 22nd, 2013 by Harriet Staff.