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My Poetry Picks for 2013

By Bianca Stone


1. Anne Carson, Red Doc> (Knopf).

Favorite Line: “The moonlit / ironing boards / grandstanding like steeds.”

2. Brandon Shimoda, Portuguese (Tin House Books & Octopus Books)

Favorite Line: “Children were following my retarded stepbrother around the fields”

3. Dara Wier, You Good Thing (Wave Books).

Favorite Line: “Once a black cloth folded forever”

4. Matt Rasmussen, Black Aperture (Louisiana State University Press)

Favorite Line: “A dead man makes / love to the earth / by just lying there”

5. Sampson Starkweather, The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather (Birds, LLC)

Favorite Line: “Suddenly the field is full of light, and I know a woman is coming to cut my hair.”

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Posted in Poetry News on Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 by Bianca Stone.