Poetry News

Out-of-Print Publications Now Available at Poetic Research Bureau

By Harriet Staff


Poet and artist Joseph Mosconi has started to publish some great publications as PDFs at the Poetic Research Bureau Tumblr. PRB is mostly known as a physical space for killer Los Angeles poetry readings--but here we have essays from Mosconi, Ara Shirinyan, and Andrew Maxwell originally written for Triple Canopy, as well as Mosconi's own books Galvanized Iron on the Citizens’ Band (2009), Word Search (OMG! Press 2010), and issue 1 of Area Sneaks, a magazine edited by Rita Gonzalez and Mosconi that features Scoli Acosta, K. Lorraine Graham, Stephanie Taylor & Kathryn Andrews, Sawako Nakayasu, Daniel Tiffany, Andrew Maxwell, Ian Monk, Stan Apps, and more. Download them all here and keep your peepers peeled for more to come. You can also check out the main site for photos from recent readings and events, and their calendar. Hooray, happy reading!