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Announcing: National Poetry Month 2014 on Harriet

By Harriet Staff

BP Nichol

It's our favorite season! For those new readers who don't know about it, let's break it down: for 11 months of the year we bring you primo poetry news and a featured writer, we sprinkle in some sweet Poetry magazine related pieces, and a lil of this, lil of that. But in the glorious month of April, we take a break from the news to invite 20 poets working in a diverse range of poetries to occupy the blog for the month. This month we're beyond thrilled to host this roster of poets (and we hope you are too!):

Camille Rankine
David Lau
Divya Victor
E. Tracy Grinnell
Farnoosh Fathi
George Quasha
J. Michael Martinez
Joyelle McSweeney
Julien Poirier
Kevin Killian
Lynn Xu
Patricia Lockwood
Ronaldo V. Wilson
Rusty Morrison
Sara Wintz
Simone White
Stephanie Young
Sy Hoahwah
Tan Lin
Thomas Sayers Ellis

Starting Tuesday, April 1st, National Poetry Month 2014 shall commence!

Originally Published: March 27th, 2014