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Rare Footage of Philip Lamantia and Bob Kaufman at City Lights Blog

By Harriet Staff

Philip Lamantia

City Lights is rolling out the goods this week on their blog Abandon All Despair Ye Who Enter Here. Yesterday we posted on this great piece by Garrett Caples about the "little" magazine. Today, you'll want to head over there to check out a reading/lecture given by Philip Lamantia and Bob Kaufman from 1979. About the material from the KPFA archive:

A scholarly lecture by Philip Lamantia on poetry, philosophy, and language. At times quite technical, this is a fascinating talk on the underlying structures and assumed principles behind poetry. The end of the program includes a reading by Bob Kaufman of a number of unidentified poems.

Watch the short video clips here, then head here to listen to the whole thing.

Originally Published: March 19th, 2014