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Open Eyes, Open Space

By Harriet Staff

Open Space 12001

Holy moley! Kyle Schlesinger just posted the complete set of Stan Persky's 1964 mimeo magazine, Open Space, onto the Cuneiform Press website! Why not start with Issue 0 of Open Space: A Prospectus? Feel weird starting with number 0? There's always This is not the Cover of Open Space 1: It's a Mask You Can Wear in Case You're Suddenly Called to a Masked Ball, or, there's #2—Valentine. The gang's all here. As Kyle Schlesinger writes:

Open Space also published books. Like the magazines, the books featured writers of the Spicer circle. Although Open Space operated out of Gino and Carlo’s bar, the business address was 24 Allen Street, which was also the address for Graham Mackintosh’s White Rabbit Press. Mackintosh printed most (if not all) of the Open Space book publications. [...] And here’s Janet Thormann’s The Tarot Suite and James Alexander’s The Jack Rabbit Poem in their entirety.

Unbelievable! All issues are from the year 1964. Visit the official web presence of Cuneiform Press.

Originally Published: May 8th, 2014