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Ara Shirinyan Rocks On at 'Into the Field' (Jacket 2)

By Harriet Staff

Ara Shirinyan

The latest episode of Steve McLaughlin's regular Jacket 2 podcast, "Into the Field," features none other than L.A. poet and publisher, Ara Shirinyan. Shirinyan is one of the co-instigators of the famous Poetic Research Bureau reading series in Los Angeles, and is the author of Syria is in the World (Palm Press, 2007) and Your Country Is Great: Afghanistan-Guyana (Futurepoem Books, 2008) among others. Read his complete bio, here:

Ara Shirinyan is a poet and publisher living in Los Angeles. He runs Make Now Press and is a co-founder of the Poetic Research Bureau with Joseph Mosconi and Andrew Maxell. The PRB hosts a long-running reading series, publishes books, puts on exhibits, and generally advocates for experimental writing culture. Ara is also a co-founder of The Smell, a legendary L.A. punk venue. Ara’s books include Syria Is in the World (Palm Press, 2007), Your Country Is Great: Afghanistan-Guyana (Futurepoem Books, 2008), and Julia's Wilderness (Poetic Research Bureau, 2014). You should check out Eric Rettberg’s recent essay on Shirinyan in Jacket2, "Laughing at Your Country is Great."

Listen to the complete podcast with Steve McLaughlin, here!

Originally Published: June 25th, 2014