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It’s night in San Francisco but it’s sunny in Oakland! On Preorder!

By Harriet Staff


What else could you possibly even remotely be dreaming of doing this summer but reading this exciting new collaborative effort, published by Oakland’s own Timeless, Infinite Light? This new anthology, called It’s night in San Francisco but it’s sunny in Oakland, will knock your socks off. Check it out!

What gathers in the pages of It’s Night in San Francisco but it’s Sunny in Oakland is a snapshot of a poetic moment. This book is a candid flash of the ever-evolving politics, relationships, and forms that make up this particular experience of poetry, right now, in Oakland. The anthology is 60 contemporary East Bay poets in a post/Occupy house reading that never ends. You can pre-order this book and pick it up opening night of the East Bay Poetry Summit. […]

Here’s what we’ve heard about the book so far:

Rumor has it Oakland is a place, but I can say with some certainty it is also a time. It outwaits empire in alleys and corners, counting negation upon its fingers, refusing to show its face to what surveils. The walls speak—underpasses, too, and its literature says some things we were thinking, like, for Oakland, elsewhere is also temporal. The futureless future requires a multitude for laureate. This anthology is that multitude’s germ.
– Anne Boyer, author of My Common Heart

When visiting I sleep less in the East Bay, it’s the poets, wanting to be around them as much as possible. Their poems free me from the known. It’s sudden that realization of how old templates won’t work here, the magic of building the pipeline manifold into poetry. Have you ever paused to be grateful for the generations you get to witness? Me too, it’s all about this book. This is what family looks like.
CA Conrad, author of ECODEVIANCE

I left the Bay Area and then the revolution happened. So what do I know? It’s night in San Francisco but it’s sunny in Oakland is a weird orchestra experience or a way to peer into sustained struggles with language. Every few pages provide laser beam eyes into notebooks inside pockets of those at a house reading blurring into a protest. Reading this book, I feel a longing to be a part of the place where the writing first gets transmitted.
– Ariel Goldberg, author of Picture Cameras

What would it mean to take a snapshot of a large and various literary milieu after a moment of intense activism and struggle? It’s night in San Francisco but it’s sunny in Oakland includes a fair amount of post/Occupy poems, but also writings which channel the historical exigencies of Bay Area poetics—from SF Renaissance, through Beat, New Narrative, Lang Po, and less identifiable movements and genealogies. Many of these poems remind us that we are in a time after ‘the event’ in which life inevitably goes on, and more reflective modalities concerning the care for self and the sustainability of certain community dynamics and friendships set in. The heterogeneity of practices speaks less to a ‘movement’ or inclusive community than an ecology in which divergent practices can complement and support one another, gathering instead around the problem of how one might continue to struggle, plan, and study collectively—in anticipation of events to come.
Thom Donovan, editor at Wild Horses of Fire

*Note: We’re offering the book for a super special pre-order deal of $22, so but the price will go up to $25 after the East Bay Poetry summit, so snag your copy now!

Pre-order your very own copy, right here, right now!

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Posted in Poetry News on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 by Harriet Staff.