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Hello, Colorado: Timber Watches Andrew Zawacki's Videotape

By Harriet Staff


Scoot on over to Timber, the official journal of the Masters of Fine Arts program at the University of Colorado (Boulder), where Alexis Smith investigates the branches of Zawacki's newest title, Videotape. In "How to Lens: Music as Mediator in Andrew Zawacki’s Videotape," Smith begins with a quote from Zawacki, and then moves on to her own assessment of Videotape's tricky maneuvers.

“Radiohead’s In Rainbows was released while I was at the residence, and its closing track, ‘Videotape,’ haunted me—less because it’s about a suicide note left on VHS than because its eccentric, syncopated percussion kept knocking around in the suburbs of my brain like beautiful, claptrap birdsong, both mechanical and pulmonary, as if Morse code could be found in nature.” – Andrew Zawacki (from an Interview with Barbara Claire Freemen, 2014)

One must be desirous of scooting off the grid and rushing down a strand of sound upon entering Andrew Zawacki’s Videotape. This is a tape shattered with almost pointillist attention to the fragmentation of language. By lensing perspective in specificity, even ice becomes loud as it “glisters, is/ listened to” (22). Each object (as in thing and as in word) is an indulgence of concentration, demanding the eyes and ears to percolate a resonance between vasts: weather and plastic, meadows and washing machines, language and music. [...]

Read more at Timber.