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Thomas Sayers Ellis's 'Man / Dela' on PoetryNow

By Michael Slosek


We're pleased to present Thomas Sayers Ellis's new poem "Man / Dela" on PoetryNow. Accompanying Thomas's virtuoso vocal performance is James Brandon Lewis on saxophone and Luke Stewart on bass. The text of the poem begins:

A part of, a part of love, hates, hates a part of.
A part of, a part of hate, loves, loves a part of.
Loves a part of, a part of the man, the man the state hates.
Hates a part of, a part of the name, the name the people love.
Hates wholeness, hate. Loves togetherness, love,
the togetherness of the large human movement.
Loves togetherness, loves. Hates wholeness, hate,
the wholeness of the small human hyphen.

Listen to the entire performance below.

Originally Published: June 18th, 2015